Many companies have difficuties in realizing development of promising ideas through
the use of their own technologies and manpower due to unforseen complexities and a lack of
R&D capacity.

DASH Systems can solve these R&D difficulties through the utilization of its staff of expert
engineers, extensive experience, and the combined resources of the members of the
RND-POOL network.

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[Steps for R&D Service]
R&D projects are arranged in seven steps, and customers can order by each step.

1) Preview & Planning
2) Circuit Design
3) PCB Artwork
4) Micro Processor Programming or PC Based Programming
5) Prototype Development
6) O.E.M. Based Production
7) After Service

[Co-opertion Network:RND-POOL]

D.A.S.H. Systems is a designer and manufacturer of audio/video equipment and
electronic control systems. Its staff of expert, experienced engineers have offered
the best in R&D services and products since its foundation.
 In addition, DASH
Systems, together with a wide range of partners in the field of electronics, has
founded the RND-POOL network in order to offer a wider range of services and
greater satisfaction to its customers.

Kwangwonsa : Desktop Machinery
Navtron : Communication Network, GPS, Wireless
Tur Ssytem : Industrial PC
C.Y Co., Ltd : Signmaking and Engraving Editor
CADlink : Signmaking and Engraving Editor
H/W Freelancers
S/W Freelancers


[Step] [Co-operation Network:RND-POOL] [Method]


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