DASH Systems is a leading provider of electronic product development and manufacturing services.

Our primary industries include: industrial, utility, factory and building automation, transportation, medical equipment, telecommunication and computer peripheral.

DASH Systems has been providing turnkey-based electronic product developement and manufacturing services since 1983. As a leading member of the Electronic Manufacturing Services Industry (EMSI), we have helped many companies wrestle with the same issues you're facing. You have a need for embedded intelligence or signal processing.
You need someone who can understand your product or technology quickly and give prompt turn-around. 
So You need to contact DASH Systems.

Key Engineering

  • Creation of System Architecture
  • Microprocessor / Microcontroller-based Hardware/Firmware Platforms
  • Proven Application Experience with 4-bit through 32-bit Devices
  • Complex, Real-Time Embedded Software Development
  • Optimization of Hardware/Software Partitions
  • Integration of Power Electronics and Digital Control
  • Control and Remote Monitoring Networks
  • Design for REAL-WORLD Applications

4-bit through 32-bit Device

Why do you contact DASH Systems ?

Time To Market

Companies today are facing shorter and shorter product life cycles. They may be looking for a competitive edge in their marketplace by leveraging new or emerging technologies. They may wish to concentrate their internal resources on developments related to their core businesses. In response to these challenges, many are outsourcing part or all of their product design needs. Pensar Corporation exists to serve precisely these needs. We have developed a world-class capability to render high quality, innovative, electronic designs in a very short time. Our capabilities, expertise, and processes are just the beginning of a comprehensive system focused on minimizing product development time.

Broad Capabilities

DASH Systems offers true end-to-end product development capabilities, spanning from conceptual and system level design through product design, EMC validation, and agency submittals. Our staff is supported through the entire process by a rapid response manufacturing unit providing prototyping through high volume production. Manufacturability and testability reviews are conducted throughout the design process to ensure a smooth transition into production.

Technical Expertise

DASH Systems has established a reputation for technical excellence. Our experience spans a broad variety of technologies and end market applications. Engineers, programmers, technicians, and CAD designers are supported by a complete suite of development tools. We continually evaluate, embrace, and build competencies in select key emerging technologies of importance to our customers.

Depth of Experience

Through developing approximately 10-15 per year, DASH Systems has acquired an extensive knowledge base including a software library of over one million lines of source code for a variety of processors


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