It simultaneously controls Four servo motors.
It simultaneously controls Four servo motors among eirht.

Available from February, 2000.


  • Software : "DASH Servo Basic" by DASH Systems

    "SERVO Basic" is similar to Basic language and easy to use.


Application Specific CNC Controller

  • Hardware

    Display : LCD or CRT
    Axes : 4 axes (Option 8 axes)
    Signal Output : Voltages or PWM
    Communication : RS 232C, Parallel or By Order
    Memory : Flash Memory, FDD, HDD
    Input, Output(I/O) : In 32 ports, Out 32ports
    (Option : Up to 128 In, 128 Out)
    Feed Back Control : Encoder or Linear Scale
    Encoder : Open Collector or Line Driver
    Power : AC220V, 60Hz
    Temperature : 0
    Weirht : 15kg
    Ventilation : Fan
  • Robot : Assembly Robot, X-Y Table Robot, Spot Welding Robot
  • Cable and Coil : Winding Machine
  • Semi-conductor Manufacturing Equipment, Test Equipment
  • Electronic Assembly Line : Inseter, Auto Soldering machine
  • Precision : Index Table, Milling Machine, Drilling Machine, Transfer Machine
  • ETC : Auto Loader, Router, Textile machine, Paper Cutting machine

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