Technical Support for Mr. Paik Nam June, Video Artist

DASH Systems has supported for Mr. Paik Nam June, Video Artist since 1987.


    : Video display system with animation and live videos on 150 monitors

    - 95. 9 - 95.11 The gallery of Chosun Daily Newspaper

    - 95.12 - 96. 1 Wolfburg KUNSTMUSEUM in Gernamy

    - 96. 6 - ..... New York Guggenheim Museum

  • Atlanta Olympic Games : Multi Video Processor

  • Fukuoka in Japan : Multi Video Processor


    - 3 IN 72 OUT

  • Kwachun National Museum in Korea :

    - 3*3*9, 4*4*4 MULTI VISION SYSTEM
    - 7*7 FRAME DELAY - 3 IN 70 OUT MATRIX


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Nam June Paik - 1988 Wood, lacquer, aluminum, monitors, VHS cassette players & two 30min VHS tapes 67 x 82.5 x 14 " 1995-98 Art in Context Center for Communications. All rights reserved. Connectivity by PSINet.

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